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Wireless Rechargeable LED Ambient Lights

Wireless Rechargeable LED Ambient Lights

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Introducing the BlazingBee™ Touch Bright 3.0 - the perfect accessory for your car or home! Our touch light features a compact design that is sure to enhance the atmosphere wherever it is placed. The LED touch light is constructed with high-quality ABS material and LED lights, making it durable and reliable.


 Featured BEST CAR LED Lights by TheZine Magazine

 Perfect for Vehicles, Bedrooms, Closets. USE THEM ANYWHERE


 Cost-Efficient & Energy Saving

 Modern Touch Sensor Technology

 HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION (Installs in Just 30 seconds!)

✓ 100% WIRELESS Smart Light Solution!

Convenient & Safe - Touch Bright 3.0 is touch-activated, making it easy and safe to use while driving. No need to fumble around for a switch or button.

Installation is a breeze with our paste-type non-destructive method:

  • Peel off the protective film from the 3M double-sided tape
  • Stick the metal plate to one side of the twin adhesive
  • Stick the other side of the twin adhesive to the flat surface of your desired location
  • Stick the magnet with 3M glue to the back of the LED touch light
  • Stick the LED touch light with the magnet on the metal plate
  • Your installation is complete! You can freely get it off to charge and put it back on

Here's how to use our LED Touch Light:

  • Gentle press to turn on or change color for multi-color light
  • Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off multi-color light
  • Gently press to turn on and off for single-color light

In the package, you'll receive everything you need to get started:

  • 1 LED touch light
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 3M double-sided tape
  • 1 metal plate
  • 1 magnetic plate

    Additional Benefits

    Long Lasting Battery: 12 Hour battery life on a SINGLE Charge

    Weatherproof Design: Light up no matter the weather with durable, water-resistant construction.

    7 Color Options: Take your pick with the tap of a finger!

        Add ambiance to your life with the Touch Bright 3.0!


Stainless Steel

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