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Cat Sticky Hair Remover

Cat Sticky Hair Remover

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Eliminate Pet Hair in One Wash     

With the FurFree Laundry Buddy, you will effortlessly remove pet hair from your clothes and linens. Just toss it in your washing machine or dryer, and let it work its magic.

No More Manual Lint Removal!

⏱•Save time and energy with every wash. 
🛠•Protect your washing machine and dryer from clogs.

Gentle on All Fabrics

•Safe for all types of clothes and linens.

•Preserve the quality and integrity of your laundry


The Perfect Solution for Pet Owners

Tired of constantly battling pet hair? The FurFree Laundry Buddy makes laundry day a breeze, leaving your clothes fresh and hair-free.


A Must-Have for Every Household Whether you're a pet owner or not, the Laundry Pet Hair Catcher is perfect for keeping your laundry looking its best.


Stainless Steel

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55m & 62-92

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