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Bluetooth Projector Keyboard

Bluetooth Projector Keyboard

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he future is NOW with this state of the art laser projector keyboard. Great for travelers, business, work at home or minimalists just trying to save space...this is a must try for yourself or great gift for friends and family.


1. The projection keyboard will work through the Bluetooth HID. Connect to major devices such as tablet PCs, smartphones, desktop computers, and video games.
2. As a new input device, use the built-in infrared laser launcher to project the standard keyboard on the working surface
3. You can find the click location and enter the information by optically recognizing it.
4. No physical keyboard, small size, easy to carry, this projection keyboard can adapt to most of the work environment.
5. For devices with Bluetooth, the operating system: for Windows, iOS, Android, for Mac OS



1. White- Has phone stand built in
Connection method: USB cable, Bluetooth (imported Bluetooth chip) Battery capacity: 2500mAh(MAX)@3.7V
Battery life: 6 hours

2. Black-No built in phone stand
Connection method: Bluetooth (if there is no Bluetooth, a Bluetooth adapter is required) 

Battery capacity: 700mAh(MAX)@3.7V
Battery life: 120 minutes
Main function: keyboard function, mouse function

Package Content :
1*Laser Keyboard


Stainless Steel

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