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Anti-Scratch Cat Grooming Robe

Anti-Scratch Cat Grooming Robe

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While cats can be meticulous groomers, there are times when they really need a bath.

This is where your skills as a pet owner are tested since cats are well-known as one of the animals to resist bathing. When cats react negatively to getting a bath, they tend to become very violent and scratch or bite you even.

That is why it’s necessary to wrap them up as you clean to calm them down. How? With the Anti-Scratch Cat Grooming Robe, of course!

  • ANTI-SCRATCH – Wraps your cat and binds the danger so easier to control and keep them calm, helping you bathe the cats safely while also avoiding their sharp claws and teeth.


  • MESH FRICTION – Makes cleaning easier as the mesh material creates friction which easily removed dirt on your cat’s body and fur. And with the smaller mesh holes and spacing, it gives a better cleaning effect.


Stainless Steel

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